Facilities & Features

Padworth Village Hall provides the following facilities making it an ideal venue for a LAN event.

  • Modern Kitchen Facilities and fridges so you can prepare your own food (Remember to clean up after yourselves!)
  • Bring your own alcohol (Drink responsibly, but have fun!)
  • Lots of car parking
  • Internet capacity to allow users to play online and LAN games (Though we will limit people being able to sit and watch high quality streams all day for example) with a load balanced network giving all users fair usage.
  • Plentiful W/C facilities
  • 2 x Showering Blocks (We encourage you shower at least once or twice throughout the event if not daily!)
  • Outside grounds suitable for camping
  • 3 x dedicated indoor sleeping rooms (Snoring, non snoring & mixed)
  • Electrical Hookups for Campervan owners (Small additional cost)
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