The Peoples LAN 2022

Hey everyone!
Following the incredible success of the first Peoples LAN last month at Padworth we are more than pleased to announce 2 further dates for 2021.

We’ve tried our best to not clash with other existing LAN events such as epic, Llama , Atom (Obviously, same venue) and Insomnia . Though please bare in mind we are also limited on which dates we can take! At the same time, please take into account we a private invite only LAN event!

We plan to improve each event based on your feedback and already have some great ideas for our upcoming events.

The Peoples LAN 2 (P-LAN#2)
Dates: Thursday 17th from 12:00 – Sunday 20th February @ 15:00 2022
Tickets go on sale: Friday 26th November 2021 from 18:00

The Peoples LAN 3 (P-LAN#3) – The Big Hot One
Dates: Thursday 2nd June from 12:00 – Sunday 5th June @ 15:00 2022
*Note there will likely be a BBQ at this event at an optional additional cost, more details on this closer to the time*
Tickets go on sale: End of March sometime

Both of the above mentioned events have been expanded to allow up to 32 people to attend. (Originally 24)

Standard BYOC Ticket: £45 (Includes desk space, chair, power and internet for 4 days)
BYOC Ticket w/ Brunch: £55 (As above and with 3 days of Brunch, Fri, Sat & Sun)
Brunch add on seperate: £12 @ £4 a day

*NEW* Referral Scheme
Want to earn £5 off your next Peoples LAN ticket? Refer a friend and make sure your friend puts your username when buying a ticket / going through checkout. Simples?
We will generate you a discount code to use anytime.

A third event this year?
Oh yes! We certainly plan to do a third event this year, though depending on certain variables we want to ensure that there is demand for this event and we are confident we can cover costs. The dates for this will likely be booked in after the February event. The event will likely be in October 2022 and we are looking at organising a group visit to some Halloween scare mazes to kickstart the event too!

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